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Legal Advocate Committees

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FTLA Legal Advocate committees are in formation. These committees will direct and offer FTLA guidance on a variety of legal matters in support of our democracy and in defense of the millions of impacted readers, students, parents, educators, and librarians under attack. Please indicate your willingness to receive information about supporting one or more of the FTLA Legal Advocate Committees. Meetings are anticipated to be held via Zoom and signing up for a committee is not a commitment to provide services or resources.

FTLA Legal Research and Litigation Support Committee

The FTLA Research and Litigation Support Committee will provide guidance and direction to FTLA on legal matters it commits to support and participate in. This committee will help identify and organize the primary sources of information, regulations, case law, and develop legal document libraries to support FTLA lobbying and litigation activities. By analyzing data and collecting evidence, this committee ensures that FTLA’s advocacy efforts are well-informed and supported by credible research. This committee will also play a vital role in drafting position statements, reports, and educational materials to communicate FTLA’s stance effectively. We are seeking law librarians to join this committee to support FTLA efforts in defense of thousands of librarians impacted nationally.

FTLA Recruiting and Legal Alliances Committee

The FTLA Recruiting and Legal Alliances Committee focuses on building partnerships and alliances with like-minded organizations and individuals who share FTLA’s vision. They actively seek to expand FTLA’s network and recruit supporters, volunteers, and experts to join the cause. Additionally, this committee collaborates with legal experts and engages in strategic alliances to strengthen FTLA’s advocacy efforts and advance its mission through various channels.

FTLA Litigation Committee

The FTLA Litigation Committee will evaluate and direct the matters, claims, legislation, and active cases that FTLA will directly undertake or support alongside Alliance partners. This group of skilled litigators will offer experience, guidance, local practice knowledge, and a variety of legal expertise on Constitutional issues, plaintiff and class action representation, for potential matters in a number of state and federal courts and jurisdictions. This Committee is tasked with monitoring and determining the strategy and tactics responding to legal challenges and cases related to protecting educational rights and combating book banning policies. This committee plays a crucial role in upholding and defending the principles of intellectual freedom through the legal system.